Shenzhen Jiayuanda Technology Co.,Ltd

Shenzhen Jiayuanda Technology Co., Ltd JYD is a leading national high-tech enterprise specialized in the ultrasonic technology research and development. The main products include ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic horn, ultrasonic cutter and other ultrasonic core accessories. Our products mainly applied in ultrasonic cleaning equipment, ultrasonic welding equipment, ultrasonic cutting equipment and other customized ultrasonic...

Hot Products

    • Ultrasonic Cutting Machine

      Ultrasonic Cutting Machine

      Our ultrasonic cutting machine can be widely applied to the bakery, cake production factory. The knife is custom according to your requirements.

    • Ultrasonic Generator for Cleaning Tank

      Ultrasonic Generator for Cleaning Tank

      Ultrasonic Generator For Cleaning Tank JYD-760 is the latest ultrasonic wave cleaning generator, which integrated digital display ampere meter, frequency, time control and PLC remote control, light bar indicating power and other functions. Based on the above functions, new functions such as...