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Shenzhen Jiayuanda Technology Co., Ltd JYD is a leading national high-tech enterprise specialized in the ultrasonic technology research and development. The main products include ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic horn, ultrasonic cutter and other ultrasonic core accessories. Our products mainly applied in ultrasonic cleaning equipment, ultrasonic welding equipment, ultrasonic cutting equipment and other customized ultrasonic

Hot Products

    • Nonwoven Fabric Ultrasonic Welding Machine

      Nonwoven Fabric Ultrasonic Welding Machine

      We are professional ultrasonic welding set manufacturer since 2008.

    • 15khz Fabric Ultrasonic Machine

      15khz Fabric Ultrasonic Machine

      15khz nonwoven fabric cover Ultrasonic Machine Ultrasonic nonwoven fabric cover body machine is used for automatic production multilayer material flat nonwoven fabric cover finished product of the machine, you can use 1 ~ 4 layer PP spun-bonded non-woven activated carbon and filtration material, the entire process from raw material into the...

    • Desktop Ultrasonic Welding Machine

      Desktop Ultrasonic Welding Machine

      Destop ultrasonic nonwoven fabric cover welding machine is compatible with kN95 and disposable flat nonwoven fabric cover ear strap welding machine.We have them in stock, support fast delivery!