Industrial application of ultrasonic cleaners

- Sep 12, 2018-

1. Aerospace, aviation - cleaning precision parts. Electronic circuit boards, aircraft wheels, brake systems, air conditioning heat exchangers, bearings, various metal parts;

2, railway - various gate valves, brake valves, shock absorbers, bearing sets, passenger cars, refrigerated truck refrigeration system condensers, radiators, locomotive internal combustion engine zeros, components, electrical zeros, components;

3, automobile and motorcycle manufacturing industry - cylinder block, cover, steering mechanism, shock absorber and various machined parts, chassis, wheel de-oiling, derusting, descaling before electrophoresis;

4, optical components - camera lens, microscope, telescope, glasses, watch glass, optical lens after polishing, before coating;

5, liquid crystal (LCD) manufacturing - LCD substrate before ITO film cleaning, LCD substrate etching, liquid crystal front, and subsequent process cleaning;

6, electronic manufacturing, communications, computers - SMT patch, PCB soldering flux, impurities cleaning. 7. Microelectronics - single crystal silicon wafer, process cleaning of integrated circuit manufacturing;

7. Electronic and electrical components - cleaning of various resistors, capacitors, electronic devices, magnetic devices, low-voltage electrical products;

8, metal stamping parts - all kinds of hardware products after the stamping degreasing, derusting, deoxidation, decontamination and other cleaning. 10. Mechanical parts - cleaning of various precision-machined metal parts such as degreasing, chip removal, rust removal, oxide removal, decontamination, etc.;

9, home appliances - various home appliances such as color picture tube, air conditioning, refrigerator parts, water heaters, stoves, rice cookers, induction cookers, electric fans, juicers, electric irons and other metal parts cleaning;

10, electroplating, vacuum plating - rust before plating, oxide layer, degreasing, in addition to polishing wax, polishing paste and other cleaning.

11, watches, glasses, jewelry - manufacturing process metal case, strap, movement parts, frames, jewelry, precision polishing after polishing;

12, motor, micro-motor - rotor, hollow, silicon steel sheet, casing, motor sheet degreasing cleaning.

13, containers - various oral liquid containers, food glass metal containers, cosmetic containers, packaging containers, dental appliances cleaning, inspection board