Industrial digital control ultrasonic cleaning machine

- Aug 13, 2019-

Advantage of using the industrial ultrasonic cleaner:


Ultrasonic cleaning is recognized as the most efficient and effective cleaning method in the world. Its cleaning efficiency is over 98%, and the cleaning cleanliness is also at the highest level. The cleaning efficiency of traditional manual cleaning and organic solvent cleaning is only 60%- 70%, even the cleaning efficiency of gas-phase cleaning and high-pressure water jet cleaning is less than 90%. Therefore, the industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine has high efficiency and good effect, and the characteristics suitable for large workload cleaning are undoubtedly the best choice for cleaning. This is why all industries that require high cleanliness, such as vacuum coating, optical equipment, medical equipment, etc., choose ultrasonic cleaning.

The advantages of industrial ultrasonic cleaners are as follows:

1. Thoroughly clean the dead corner of the workpiece: the ultrasonic cleaning machine can not completely and effectively clean the workpiece by hand and other cleaning methods, and has a remarkable cleaning effect, which can thoroughly meet the cleaning requirements and remove the stains at the corners of the complex workpiece.

2. kinds of workpiece batch cleaning: no matter how complicated the shape of the workpiece, put it into the cleaning liquid, as long as it can contact the liquid, the ultrasonic cleaning can be achieved. Ultrasonic cleaners are especially suitable for workpieces with complex shapes and structures;

3. multi-function cleaning: ultrasonic cleaning machine can combine different solvents to achieve different effects and meet different supporting production processes, such as: degreasing, derusting, dust removal, wax removal, chip removal, removal or phosphating, passivation, pottery , plating, etc.

4.  reduce pollution: ultrasonic cleaning can effectively reduce pollution, reduce the damage of toxic solvents to humans, environmentally friendly and efficient.

5. Reducing labor: The ultrasonic cleaning machine can realize automatic cleaning and drying of the workpiece. It is only necessary to configure one operator at the loading and unloading end of the workpiece, which greatly reduces the number of personnel and cleaning time required for manual cleaning.

6. Shorter working time: Compared with manual cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning is shortened to one quarter of manual cleaning;

7. Reduce labor intensity: Manual cleaning: The cleaning environment is harsh, the manual labor is heavy, and the complicated mechanical parts need to be cleaned for a long time. Ultrasonic cleaning: low labor intensity, clean and orderly cleaning environment, and automatic and efficient cleaning of complex parts.

8. Environmental protection and energy saving: Ultrasonic cleaning is equipped with a circulating filtration system, which can realize the repeated use of the cleaning and filtration of cleaning solvents, which is of great significance for saving water resources, cleaning solvent costs and improving the environmental image of enterprises.

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