Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine Precautions

- Mar 15, 2019-

                                            Shenzhen Jiayuanda Technology Co. Ltd.

   1.Using this ultrasonic cleaner in an environment with moisture, corrosive gases or dust may lead to failures of transducers, ultrasonic lines or other components, which can affect normal usage of the cleaner.

   2.Failures such as degraded insulation, electric leakage, short circuit, and dropping and cracking of ceramic chips will occur if piezoelectric ceramic chips with a high Q value and electric heating elements are exposed to moisture, water vapour, electrically conductive dust, oil contamination and fierce collision. The impacts of moisture, water vapour, corrosive gases, electrically conductive dust, large supply voltage fluctuation on the ultrasonic circuit boards will lead to such failures as component sparks, component pin corrosion, as well as breakdown and burning of power amplifier elements.

    Therefore, observe the following precautions when using this ultrasonic cleaner:

1. Do not start the heater or ultrasonic source if the tank has no cleaning solution; otherwise, heating plates and transducers may be damaged.

2. Avoid collision with a hard object or fierce vibration. Do not place the items directly onto the bottom of the tank.

3. Make sure that the cleaning solution does not spill over the tank when using the ultrasonic cleaner. Do not flush the panel and enclosure with water; otherwise, water may leak into the vibrators or circuit board, which may result in a failure or safety risk during production.

      4. Do not use this ultrasonic cleaner in a humid, inflammable and explosive environment without good ventilation.

      5. Stop the ultrasonic cleaner if the voltage fluctuation of the power supply is beyond the acceptable range.

6. If an electric leakage or a short circuit occurs on the transducers due to moisture or contamination, or the transducers crack or drop off due to collisions, return these transducers to JYD company for maintenance.

      7. If the ultrasonic cleaning effect becomes poor, the ultrasonic circuit board may be faulty. In this case, repair the circuit board before use.

      8. It is recommended that the ultrasonic generator be used at an ambient temperature below 30℃.

      9. Different cleaning media have different temperatures at which cavitation is active. Selecting a suitable cavitation temperature based on process requirements can improve the cleaning effect.