The bonding methods of the ultrasonic cleaning transducer

- Dec 27, 2018-

ultrasonic transducers

  Tips before bonding

  The thickness of the tank's surface bond with transducer must excess 2mm. 

   If the area excess 600mm x 500mm, you need to install reinforcing rib to avoid the tank out of shape.

  Only bonding with a smooth surface can exert the efficiency of ultrasonic.

  The screw must be welding vertical and firm on the tank surface

  Bonding technology of the ultrasonic transducer

  1. Firstly, the glue must be mixed in proportion. We usually make it 10 to 4. It needs heating if in winter.

  2. Evenly daub the glue on the transducer, 4g/pcs. Then twist the transducer to the screw which welding on the tank.

  3. After transducer be twisted to the screw, it's necessary to use the torque wrench to check the transducer's tightness. If twist loosely transducer vibration will be weak. If twist tightly, the transducer will be damaged or broke screws or plate deformation. 

    Standard: when steel plate thickness is 2.0 mm, torsion should be  18 to 20 n. M; When steel plate thickness is 2.5 mm, torsion should be 25 to 30 n. M; Steel surface should not deformation after transducer is welded.

  4. Before adjusting the transducer, it needs 24 hours to let the transducer solidify.

    Ultrasonic transducer wiring method:

    Usually, the middle chip is the anode, another one is the cathode

    1.5mm cable is ok for the machine's power below 1500W. If the power over 1500W, it needs 2.5mm cable.

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