Three development directions of ultrasonic cleaning machine

- Jan 08, 2020-

                             Three development directions of ultrasonic cleaning machine

With the expansion of the scope of application, new developments in ultrasonic cleaning technology will also emerge. In the field of ultrasonic cleaning machines, only by constantly breaking through, conquering problems, updating and iterating closely, and keeping up with the development trend, can enterprises pass five levels in a fierce market competition and produce ultrasonic cleaning machines with reliable quality. In the future, ultrasonic cleaners will show the following three development trends: 

First: a higher degree of automation will be gradually realized Traditional ultrasonic cleaners are difficult to guarantee the uniformity of parts cleaning due to the low degree of automation. In recent years, flexibility has gradually appeared Automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine with strong performance and high degree of automation. It not only realizes the automatic control and mass production of ultrasonic cleaning, but also stabilizes the cleaning process and improves the cleaning efficiency. This type of ultrasonic cleaning machine combines ultrasonic cleaning with chemical cleaning, rinsing, dehydration, drying and other processes, so it has very high cleaning efficiency. PLC control is mainly used in transmission, drying and cleaning to realize a fully automated cleaning process.

Two: Ultrasonic cleaning will be used for ultrasonic descaling in the future. Ultrasonic descaling will mainly use ultrasonic strong sound field to treat fluids, causing a series of changes in the physical form and chemical properties of scale-forming substances in the fluid under the action of ultrasonic fields, making it difficult to attach Fouling has formed on the walls of the tubes. As a special application of ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic antiscaling will be widely used in the future. 

Three: Ultrasonic vibration cleaning method is applied in the first-line production. This method utilizes the characteristics that the ultrasonic wave can cause the acceleration and force of the mass of the medium when it propagates in the solid medium. The workpiece causes the medium point of the workpiece to vibrate at a high speed in an equilibrium position, causing the dirt to be loosened and detached from the workpiece, thereby achieving the purpose of cleaning. The vibration ultrasonic cleaning machine is currently under development and will be used in the automatic production line of kinescopes in the future. It can exert its unique effect on the high-precision front-line production in China. After understanding the three development directions of ultrasonic cleaners, and then looking at the market, we will find that all the ultrasonic cleaners with good reputation are constantly developing and innovating, and strive to occupy a larger market share and provide consumers with better products. Products, so consumers do not need to worry about the use of ultrasonic cleaning machines to meet the needs of changing times.