Troubleshooting of Ultrasonic Cleaner

- Mar 14, 2019-

digital heated ultrasonic cleaner

 1. No ultrasonic waves:

(1) Check whether the voltage of the power supply meets the requirement.
(2) Check whether cables and connectors are not reliably connected.
(3) Check whether the fuse is burnt.
(4) Check whether the power tube is damaged.

2. Weak ultrasonic waves:

(1) Check whether the transducers are wetted (with water in the vibration plate).
         (2) Check whether the generator power tube works normally.
         (3) Check whether the voltage is too low.
         (4) Check whether the process temperature and detergent are suitable.

3. Electric leakage:
(1) Check whether the power cords are wetted and whether the voltage fluctuates dramatically and frequently.
(2) Check whether the ultrasonic cleaner is wetted or corroded.
(3) Check whether cable conduits for each part are damaged, disconnected or has dropped off.
(4) Check whether the heating plate is burnt or punctured.
(5) Check whether grounding is reliable.
(5) Check whether the cables are re-connected correctly after maintenance.

4. If a fault cannot be resolved, return the ultrasonic cleaner to our company or call us to provide the online maintenance service.