Ultrasonic cake cutter

- Apr 26, 2019-


Ultrasonic food cutting knife because the cutting knife in doing ultrasonic vibration, friction resistance is particularly small, the material is not easy to be cut stick to the blade.

This is especially effective for viscous and elastic materials, frozen materials such as cakes, pizzas, chocolates, etc., or for objects that are difficult to cut under pressure.


- new self-developed high-efficiency ultrasonic generator driver technology, stable and reliable work.

- can effectively improve the working efficiency of operators and reduce the working intensity.

-cut out of the food, the surface is neat, no crumbs, beautiful.

- titanium alloy cutter, food grade material, users can safely use

- small footprint

- equipped with EDG generator system, stable power output

Ultrasonic cutting knife is applicable to food, including different hardness of food, such as ultrasonic cutting cheese, ultrasonic cutting cake and bread, ultrasonic pizza slice, ultrasonic cutting cake, ultrasonic cutting candy, ultrasonic cutting frozen mousse, ultrasonic cutting nougat, ultrasonic cutting, sandwich ultrasonic cutting frozen food and ultrasonic cutting dried fruit.

The company can provide customized ultrasonic solutions according to the needs of customers and existing conditions, welcome new and old customers to test samples.