Ultrasonic Cleaning Generator

- Jan 12, 2019-

What's the ultrasonic generator?

Ultrasonic generator is a kind of equipment that converts the municipal power into the corresponding high frequency alternating current of the transducer to drive the transducer to work. It is an important part of the high-power ultrasonic system and can also be called electronic box, ultrasonic driving power supply and ultrasonic controller.

The ultrasonic generator adopts the world's leading structure of other excited oscillation circuit, which increases the output power by more than 10% compared with the self-excited oscillation circuit structure.The form of ultrasonic amplification circuit is linear amplification circuit and switching power supply circuit.

Advantages of switching power supply circuit: high conversion efficiency, so high power ultrasonic power supply in this form.

Advantages of linear power supply circuit: circuit matching is not strictly required, allowing rapid continuous change in working frequency.

Ultrasonic generator to produce a specific frequency of the signal, this signal can be a sinusoidal signal, can also be a pulse signal, this specific frequency is the frequency of the transducer work.

Ultrasonic equipment generally frequencies of 20KHz, 25KHz, 28KHz, 33KHz, 40KHz, 60KHz, 80KHz, 100KHz or above, which have not yet been used in large quantities.

The ultrasonic cleaning generator we are making frequency is from 17khz to 200khz, ultrasonic power from 60w to 2400w, OEM and ODM all acceptable!

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