Ultrasonic cleaning generator functions

- Mar 04, 2021-

Stepless FM function: This stepless FM ultrasonic power supply can help the transducer find the best resonance point, so that the output matching is optimal and the work efficiency is higher. At the same time, it has a wider range of applications, and 13~60KHZ transducers are suitable.
Sweep function: Ultrasonic power has a sweep function. It can reciprocally sweep the ultrasonic frequency within a reasonable range during the cleaning process to drive the cleaning liquid to form a fine reflow, so that the workpiece dirt can be quickly taken away from the workpiece surface while being ultrasonically peeled off, thereby improving the cleaning efficiency.
Frequency tracking function: This generator mainly adopts digital modular technology and frequency automatic tracking, which can meet the requirements of any precision cleaning.
Power adjustment function: The ultrasonic generator has a power adjustment function. Its output power can be adjusted continuously from 10% to 100% to meet the requirements of various cleaning objects. The output current is pure sine wave, which can extend the life of the vibrator and the signal generator itself.