Ultrasonic transducers improve cleaning

- Sep 12, 2018-

At present, ultrasonic transducers on the market are used to clean large, heavy-duty parts or high-density materials. High-frequency ultrasonic transducers are often used to clean smaller, finer parts, or to eliminate large particles, high The frequency is also used for the use of the workpiece that is not allowed to be damaged. The use of high frequency can improve the cleaning function in several ways.

When an ultrasonic transducer places a piezoelectric material into an electric field of a voltage change, it will undergo deformation, which is called a "piezoelectric effect." Absolutely, magnetic transducers are made from materials that can be deformed in a changing magnetic field. Regardless of the transducer used, the most fundamental element is usually the strength of the cavitation effect that occurs.

The principle of an ultrasonic transducer, like other sound waves, is a series of pressure points, a wave that alternates between contraction and contraction. If the sound energy is strong enough, the liquid is pushed away during the contraction phase of the wave, and bubbles are generated, and during the tightening phase of the wave, the bubbles burst or implode when they are in the liquid, causing a very ineffective impact, especially Suitable for cleaning.