ultrasonic welding horn

- Apr 22, 2019-




Working principle: 

different tool heads are required for different welding objects, no matter it is near field welding or transmission welding, only half wavelength tool head can make the welding end face reach the maximum amplitude.

Tool head, with amplitude amplification and not with amplitude amplification of the two, plastic welding machine acoustic system tool head, the material is usually aluminum alloy, its end surface plating hard alloy, power is also useful when made of titanium alloy material, the fatigue strength of the material is more than twice as high as aluminum alloy.

Ultrasonic horn material:

I. aluminum alloy (7075, 2024, 6061-t651) :

7075: it is commonly used in the vibration system and HORN manufacturing, with high hardness, high thermal conductivity and good toughness.

2024: it is commonly used in HORN manufacturing. It has good toughness, good heat conductivity and moderate hardness. It is suitable for general welding plastic products.

6061: it is commonly used in bottom die making or HORN with low output, good toughness and hardness ratio 2024 times.

Ii. SCM8: it is generally used for embedding screws and metal inserts, with excellent toughness, high hardness and 2024 times of heat conduction.

Titanium alloy: generally used for continuous vibration timing, high toughness, good heat conduction, high hardness, and expensive cost.

Material of bottom die fixture:

Aluminum alloy, aluminum titanium alloy: general use in metal or plastic products.

45C medium carbon steel: suitable for PVC box, bubble shell and other tooth forming jig and other hard metal or non-metal, such as plastic steel, PBT, etc.

SS41 iron: suitable for general metal products or hard non-metal products.

Epoxy resin: suitable for plastic products with irregular shape.

5. PUT resin: it is suitable for plastic products with heavy appearance, small output and short welding time.

Dianmu: it is suitable for general surface welding of plastic products, or ultrasonic vibration of the jigs.