Ultrasonic welding machine function introduction

- Sep 12, 2018-

1. Counter: Record the number of work cycles and be equipped with a zero return button.

2, adjustment and pressure gauge: the indication of working pressure and adjustment pressure.

3, hardening time setting: adjust the vibration at the end of the work, the cooling setting time is in the range of 0~9, 99 seconds.

4. Delay time setting: adjust the start vibration time, start to start vibration after 0~9, 99 seconds after the limit switch action.

5. Acoustic wave adjustment: Adjust the resonance matching between the vibrating subsystem and the vibration circuit to make the conversion efficiency reach ideal.

6. Welding time setting: Adjust the welding time length, and the range of 0~9, 99 seconds is generated at the end of the delay time.

7. Amplitude table: shows the amplitude of the sound wave no load or load operation.

8. Frequency indication: Do the machine frequency display when debugging the machine.

9. Decrease speed adjustment: Adjust the reasonable and appropriate down work speed.

10. Output cable and socket: connect the vibration subsystem of the machine body and the vibration box line.

11, fuse holder: overload protection of electronic circuits.

12. Power switch and lamp: The control of the power switch and the signal indicating the open circuit.

13. Weld head: The vibration energy of the transmission is above the work object to make it weld.