What's the Ultrasonic

- Nov 02, 2019-

Ultrasonic is a kind of frequency is higher than 20,000 Hertz of sound wave, its directivity is good, penetrability is strong, obtain more concentrated sound energy easily, in water transmission distance is far, can be used for ranging, measuring speed, cleaning, welding, gravel, sterilization.It has many applications in medicine, military, industry and agriculture.Ultrasound gets its name because the lower limit of frequency is greater than the upper limit of hearing.

Scientists call the number of vibrations per second the frequency of sound, which is measured in Hertz (Hz).The frequency of sound waves that our human ears can hear is between 20Hz and 20000Hz.Therefore, we call sound waves above 20,000 Hertz "ultrasonic".Ultrasound frequencies commonly used in medical diagnosis range from 1 MHZ to 30 MHZ.


1) ultrasonic wave has strong directivity and energy is easy to concentrate when it spreads.

2) ultrasonic wave can be propagated in various media and can be propagated far enough.

3) the interaction between ultrasonic and acoustic media is moderate, and it is easy to carry information about the state of acoustic media for diagnosis or to produce effectiveness and treatment on it.

4) ultrasonic wave can be effectively transmitted in gas, liquid, solid, solid melt and other media.

5) ultrasonic waves can transmit strong energy.

6) ultrasonic wave can produce reflection, interference, superposition and resonance.

Ultrasonic wave is a wave form, which can be used as a carrier or medium to detect and load information, such as b-ultrasound, etc.Ultrasound is also a form of energy, and when its intensity exceeds a certain value, it can be used as therapy by interacting with the medium that transmits the ultrasound to influence, alter, and destroy its state, nature, and structure.