Christmas Eve

- Dec 24, 2018-

Silent Night, Christmas Eve (December 24th), is one of the Christmas festivals in most Christian countries, but now it has become a worldwide festival due to the fusion of Chinese and Western cultures. Christmas Eve is traditionally a day for Christmas trees, but as Christmas celebrations begin early, for example, after the Thanksgiving Day in the United States, many Christmas trees have been placed a few weeks before Christmas. Extended development so far, Christmas Eve is not only the evening of December 24, but refers to Christmas Eve, especially on December 24th, but because the general holiday atmosphere is easy to mobilize at night, large-scale activities are concentrated in the evening, solid Called Christmas Eve, it is more appropriate. At that time, thousands of Europeans and Americans will rush home to reunite. The essential celebration of Christmas Eve is the party. Most European and American family members are reunited at home, have a hearty dinner, then sit around the burning stove, play the piano and sing, and share the fun of the family; or hold a masquerade, a celebration of Christmas Eve. Happiness, peace, carnival, Christmas Eve, reunion night. Looking forward to the arrival of Christmas, it is said that Christmas night, Santa Claus will quietly prepare gifts for the children in stockings. It is also said that Christmas Eve is a Christian holiday.