Do You Have Multi-frequency Ultrasonic Generator Pcb For Sale?

- Mar 11, 2021-

JYD-400X multi-frequency ultrasonic generator

Sweeping technology, remarkable cleaning effect, easy installation, low fault characteristics, JYD-400X multi-frequency ultrasonic generator, PCB integrated design, leading MCU-SWEEP Sweep frequency, two or three frequencies optional, IGBT drive, stable frequency output and powerful power. The core materials are imported components, and after strict inspection and process requirements, each product undergoes more than 5 requirements to ensure product quality.


Main features:

● Soft start, short circuit protection, leakage protection and overload protection. The power is adjustable from 0-100%.

● Pulse power control, reduce electromagnetic interference, improve the stability of multiple ultrasonic generators

● Unique anti-corrosion treatment ensures product adaptation to various environments

● Support multiple frequency output work, can meet various cleaning requirements

400X (1)