How To Get The Small Ultrasonic Power 800W-1000W Ultrasonic Welding Generator?

- Mar 15, 2021-


Product details:

1.Intelligent fan control: fan in ultrasonic work start 10 s not working stop, avoid inhaling too much dust.

2.Power limit: in order to continue working near 800 W, the actual power protection threshold of the generator is W,1000

3.Working mode: automatic mode: long hair wave mode, suitable for cleaning / cutting / non-woven welding, etc.

4.Welding machine mode: Delay time /Welding time/Holding time

5.Voltage :198-242 VAC (50/60Hz) AC110V input and output will become much weaker, need some adjustment, direct use can only be used for cutting applications.

6.Volume :384 mm *240mm*110mm

7.Weight :7 KG

8.Automatic frequency tracking: the system automatically tracks the resonant frequency of the welding head. Compensation for disharmony caused by fever and other reasons.

9.Digital frequency control: the working frequency is controlled by the microcontroller.

10.Digital amplitude setting: this feature allows users to set accurate amplitudes according to application requirements, providing a larger range and repeatability of settings than analog systems.

Amplitude range adjustable :20%~100% continuously adjustable, different from the traditional generator low amplitude difficult to work.

11.High speed microcontroller :32 bit ARM processor control. 1 millisecond control and sampling interval: sampling and control of the fusion process 1000 times per second.

LED and key operation interface, stable and reliable.

12.Sloping start: ultrasonic energy supply and welding head start at the most appropriate rising speed to reduce the electromechanical pressure of the system.

13.Diagnosis: the main components of the test system during boot.