How To Use Ultrasonic Cleaners To Clean Lab Equipment ?

- Apr 02, 2021-

Shenzhen Langee Ultrasonic Cleaner UC-8000 Digital High Frequency Stainless Steel Laboratories ultrasonic cleaner is not only make it easy to keep the apparatus clean but will also save time and reduce the effort.

Regardless of what you are cleaning in the lab and how much effort it takes, the ultrasonic cleaner will do it faster than you. Be it bottles, beakers, pipes, vials or any other labware, the ultrasonic cleaner is a pro at cleaning such apparatus. Through several studies, it was found out that an ultrasonic cleaner can speed up your cleaning process up to 60 times faster and the best thing is that even at such a speed the results are as perfect as you could expect.

When you are using the ultrasonic cleaner to clean glass items, make sure to place the glass items in the basket that’s fixed in the tank so that the items don’t touch the bottom of the tank. The bottom is usually vibrating so it is best to avoid glass getting in touch with it.