Jiayuanda Ultrasonic Company Two Days Travel In Huizhou City

- Dec 15, 2018-

company travel ultrasonic

Weekend park full of autumn, refreshing and pleasant, we arrived at the Holiday Villa with barbecue site early, division of labor and cooperation, began to be busy preparing food ingredients, ingredients, barbecue used to wash the net frame, bamboo sticks and barbecue fork, add charcoal stove, while the exuberant charcoal fire, barbecue officially opened the curtain.

With the continuous smoke lingering in the air, laughing and eating the food baked by our own hands, talking about our work and life in a variety of funny stories, in order to make everyone more relaxed, the company carried out games and competitions.

game ultrasonic generator

Through this activity, not only enhance the feelings between employees, more important is to enhance the cohesion of the company, show the team spirit of friendship and mutual assistance, harvest health and happiness, for our work and life add color!