JYD-1000EG And JYD-1000G Ultrasonic Vibration Cleaning Generator

- Mar 11, 2021-

JYD-1000EG and JYD-1000G Ultrasonic Vibration Cleaning Generator

JYD-1000EG and JYD-1000G ultrasonic generator are high frequency type, which furnished with globe-leading digital pulse driving, and is acceptable to experts with its various advantageous features - smaller size, lighter weight and more powerful output capacity than traditional self-excited control, reliable operation, continuously adjustable power and flexible control. Frequency scanning ensures the unit is always operating in the best condition to maximize potential power of ultrasonic transducer. This unit is also complete with sound protection - over-current protection, and output short circuiting protection.

Main features:

It is integrated with digital ampere meter, frequency and timing control, remote PLC control, and current overload alarm. Frequency range from 68khz to 200khz available.

1000EG (3)