The Advantages Of Ultrasonic Cleaning

- Mar 20, 2021-

The advantages of ultrasonic cleaning:

1.Low cleaning cost,energy saving and environmental protection,long service life.
2.The equipment can be produced continuously for a long time,with good cleaning effect,high efficiency and low noise.
3.In the industry,Sinobakr is the first Chinese manufacturer to use full-bridge IGBT using high-power integrated power
source,and Germany Siemens control module,to ensure high resistance capability for high temperature,high pressure
and  overheating,make the cleaner more perfect.
4.Adopting original Germany CeramTec piezoelectric ceramic chip.
5.Utilization of international state-of-the-art IC,microprocessor circuit,protective circuit and digital display.
6.Utilization of earthing terminal is better for protection for the machine.
7.Unique design of saw-teeth water overflowing to ensure proper level and that the dirt can timely be escaped.
8.Multi ultrasonic directions ensure completely and thoroughly cleaning for the part.
9.Easy operation,with digital display function,operation manual and operate video are free provided,thus to reduce the
10.We have a specialize and efficiency design working team to meet all your requirements.
11.Professional after-sales service team to solve the problem.