The Safty Tip Of Using Ultrasonic Welding Machine

- Mar 24, 2021-

Safety Tips:

Please carefully read through this manual before operating the equipment, for the sake of normal equipment operation and self-safety as well.

This manual shall be conveniently accessible to operation and maintenance personnel to read through.

The product has to be installed by professional technicians.

Operators have to take proper operation specification trainings. It is necessary to take corresponding protection measures to use the product on occasions where dangerous explosion may occur.

Since partial energy will be converted into heat during ultrasound welding, it is required to make sure that accumulated heat will not cause possibility of explosion or burning under conditions where no corresponding measure is taken.

Electro-magnetic compatibility of surrounding electric equipment shall meet the requirements in relevant national standards.

Users may make necessary setting to operation parameters, but set those with encrypted protection according to delivery default or this manual. If any question, please contact with our technicians.

Under no circumstance shall the equipment be started when the mold is loose.

If there is any abnormal condition and the fault is not solved, please do not re-start to avoid fault spreading.

Equipment movement or maintenance has to be conducted by professional technician with the equipment fully powered off.

Generator shall be blown by filtered dry compressed air for dedusting or swept by brush during maintenance. Please do not use cleanser or spray to clean generator enclosure and LCM interface which shall be wiped by cloth wet by water.

High-frequency load-driving cables and cables controlling and monitoring signals shall be stranded wires with shielding. Please do not stay too close to installation site of energized equipment and large-current conductors.

Shielded wires shall be connected to grounding wire end controlling power source.

Grounding wire end of all drive wires and control wires shall be connected to ground terminal, and ground terminal of generator shall be directly connected to grounding wire end of power supply source with conductors.

Attention shall be frequently paid to fault information code indicated by power source, and corresponding measures shall be taken earlier to avoid fault spreading.

Power source shall be installed in correct direction, stable with no looseness.

Make sure power supply specifications meet requirements for power supply

Do not roll up high-frequency load driving cables and temperature sensor wires if they are too long for installation, because this will cause over-high temperature and influence measurement precision. Connecting wires shall be shortened to required length.

Data parameters and function settings shall be recorded and filed after installation and debugging for reference if necessary. Cables connected to power supply cannot be randomly changed.

If any of the following conditions occurs, maintenance can be conducted by professional technical engineers when generator is fully powered off:

There is liquid or metal conductive object in power supply.

Power supply wires get loose or damaged.

Power supply gets loose.

Displayed power supply content is apparently different from standards for normal operation.