Ultrasonic Generator For Welding

- Mar 22, 2021-

Ultrasonic Generator

An ultrasonic generator is a device that converts utility power into a corresponding high-frequency alternating current of a transducer to drive the transducer to operate. It is an important part of high-power ultrasound systems, and can also be called an electronic box, an ultrasonic drive power supply, and an ultrasonic controller. But in reality, the ultrasonic generator is only part of the ultrasonic drive power supply.

Our ultrasonic generators use the world's leading alternative oscillating circuit structure. This self-excited oscillating circuit structure increases the output power by more than 10%. The ultrasonic amplifying circuit adopts a linear amplifying circuit and a switching power supply circuit. These circuits have high conversion efficiency, and it does not strictly require circuit matching, allowing the operating frequency to change continuously and rapidly.

The input to the ultrasonic generator is a fixed frequency signal. The signal waveform is indefinite, sinusoidal and pulseable, but its frequency is fixed to the frequency of the transducer, generally 20, 25, 28, 33, 40, 60 KHz, and the like. This signal is internally converted by the ultrasonic generator, and its output is a power signal, a frequency tracking signal, and the like.

The ultrasonic generator adjusts the output power to stabilize it and adjusts the frequency so that the transducer is always working at its optimum. In addition, it can monitor the power and operating frequency of high-power ultrasonic systems. It can set the parameters to complete the automatic frequency matching, control the amplitude to make it stable when the load changes, and can issue an alarm when the situation is bad to protect system equipment, etc.

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