Ultrasonic Transducer Detection

- Sep 12, 2018-

The impedance analyzer can be used to evaluate the performance of various devices such as piezoelectric ceramic sheets, piezoelectric transducers, and entire vibration systems (ultrasonic transducers plus horns, molds). Analysis of ultrasonic device equipment with impedance analyzer, the important parameters are as follows: 1. Fs: mechanical resonance frequency, that is, the operating frequency of the vibration system, the design should be as close as possible to the expected value. For a washing machine, the higher the resonant frequency consistency of the vibrator, the better. For plastic welders or ultrasonic machining, if the horn or mold design is unreasonable, the resonant frequency of the vibrator will deviate from the operating point. 2. Gmax: Conductance at resonance, the conductance of the vibration system when operating, which is the reciprocal of the dynamic resistance. The bigger the better under the same supporting conditions, Gmax=1/R1.