Ultrasonic Welding Components

- Jan 30, 2021-

All ultrasonic welding systems are composed of the same basic elements:

A press, usually with a pneumatic or electric drive, to assemble two parts under pressure
A nest or anvil or fixture where the parts are placed and allowing the high frequency vibration to be directed to the interfaces
An ultrasonic stack composed of a converter or piezoelectric transducer, an optional booster and a sonotrode (US: Horn). All three elements of the stack are specifically tuned to resonate at the same exact ultrasonic frequency (Typically 15, 20, 30, 35 or 40 kHz)
Converter: Converts the electrical signal into a mechanical vibration using piezo electric effect
Booster: Modifies the amplitude of the vibration mechanically. It is also used in standard systems to clamp the stack in the press.
Horn or sonotrode: Takes the shape of the part, also modifies the amplitude mechanically and Applies the mechanical vibration to the parts to be welded.
An electronic ultrasonic generator (US: Power supply) delivering a high power electric signal with frequency matching the resonance frequency of the stack.
A controller controlling the movement of the press and the delivery of the ultrasonic energy.