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UC-8000 series ultrasonic cleaner is the high frequency type, with digital controlling. Capacity from 3.2liter to 30liters, frequency includes 53/68/80/100/130khz. Features: 1. Proprietary MCU-sweep ultrasonic generator driver circuit to present better cleaning performance and to minimize noise...
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UC-8000 series ultrasonic cleaner is the high frequency type, with digital controlling. Capacity from 3.2liter to 30liters, frequency includes 53/68/80/100/130khz.


1. Proprietary MCU-sweep ultrasonic generator driver circuit to present better cleaning performance and to minimize noise level.

2. Proprietary industrial ultrasonic transducer with high Q value and energy conversion efficiency and long service life.

3. Imported high-strength glue, staple-free bonding, and long service life of tank.

4. Digital timing for heating control between 1-99 minutes and temperature setting between1-80℃.

5.Internal tank fabricated of 1.0mm SUS304 stainless steel to present good performance and long service life.

6.Cleaning basket made of 304 stainless steel and electro-polished.

7. Outer shell made of high-quality stainless steel to present good corrosion resistance.

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Q: How to maintain the machine?

A: Routine maintenance

1. Power supply: Use the power supply and power cord that meet the specifications of the equipment. The air switch dedicated to the cleaning machine must be installed in the power circuit of the user to cut the power of the cleaning machine when needed;

2, the grounding wire: the company's production of cleaning machine body and generator will be equipped with a special grounding wire on its power lead, and clearly distinguishes the characteristics of other wires, because the device and water, corrosive (swelling) liquid level Contact, easy to cause leakage, please connect the grounding wire according to safety requirements;

3, the equipment uses non-combustible detergent, do not use flammable and explosive substances as a detergent, the use of equipment must be ensured away from the flammable and explosive substances, when the user must use certain substances in special circumstances, You must consult the company to confirm the safety and make appropriate safety protection measures;

4. No liquid or insufficient liquid level in the cleaning tank will cause irreversible damage to the equipment. It is necessary to ensure that a sufficient amount of cleaning liquid is injected into the tank, otherwise the relevant electric heater, pump and ultrasonic vibrator may be damaged. May lead to fire and personal injury;

5, electrical control box and related electrical components, etc., be careful not to splash water, and away from water vapor, corrosive gases, dust, etc.;

6. When the equipment is abnormal, please contact our company in time or stop the power supply and have it checked by an experienced professional electrician;

7. The workpiece to be cleaned should be hung with a washing basket or hanger with feet. It should be placed in the tank to be washed. It is forbidden to put the workpiece directly into the bottom of the tank for cleaning, otherwise it may cause damage to the workpiece and the bottom of the tank;

8. When the equipment is working, there may be factors such as high temperature, high voltage, electrification of the surface of the electrical components, movement of the transmission mechanism, pressure surge, etc., which may cause personal injury. Do not open the casing during work to avoid unprotected conditions. Work under

9. When the equipment is not used for a long time, please release the cleaning solution, dry the inner tank and the surface and protect it with film to prevent the corrosion and aging of the equipment from speeding up;

10. Keep the ventilation, dryness and cleanliness of the equipment workplace, which is conducive to long-term efficient operation of the equipment and optimization of working environment conditions;

11. When the cleaning liquid is too dirty, it should be disposed of in time, regularly clean the dirt in the cleaning tank and the storage tank, keep the cleaning tank and the appearance clean, and improve the durability of the washing tank;


Industry trend:

There is a quiet and comfortable laboratory environment that is the common aspiration of researchers when they work, and is the goal of improving and upgrading the production of instruments. At present, pollution reduction and noise reduction is a major trend in laboratory equipment innovation.


Among many laboratory equipments, ultrasonic cleaning machine is a commonly used instrument and equipment. In recent years, with the continuous maturity of process technology, ultrasonic cleaning machines have been updated, and various functional instruments have "appeared" in industry, national defense, Many fields such as biomedicine have become the laboratory instruments favored by users.


The ultrasonic cleaner is capable of converting the sound energy of the power ultrasonic source into mechanical vibration through the transducer to clean the article. The utility model has the advantages of fast cleaning speed, good cleaning effect, high cleanliness, uniform cleanness of the workpiece and no damage to the surface of the workpiece. It also has great advantages in terms of solvent saving, heat energy, workplace and labor.


Because the positive pressure zone and the negative pressure zone of the super-audio mechanical wave propagate alternately, the instrument can form numerous tiny bubbles of more than 1000 atmospheres and blast at any time. The fine local high-pressure bombardment on the surface of the cleaning object causes the dirt on the surface of the object and the gap to peel off rapidly. This is the "cavitation effect" unique to the ultrasonic cleaning machine. People use this effect to apply the ultrasonic cleaning machine widely. Aviation, aerospace, railway, automotive, optical devices, liquid crystal (lcd) manufacturing, microelectronics, medical equipment, Chinese herbal medicine extraction and other fields.


In the 21st century, under the increasingly fierce market economy competition, high-tech products are the necessary conditions for enterprises to win market competition. The high efficiency, high quality and high profitability of instruments have become the consensus reached by each enterprise. Relevant manufacturers are also constantly improving technology and improving technology, and launching a variety of products for transformation and upgrading for the majority of users to choose.