Waterproof Immersible Ultrasonic Transducer

JYD-1030P is the 1500w ultrasonic vibrating plate. The frequency can be 17khz to 200khz, the size and the cable outlet way are customized. Features: 1. It is made of thick SUS304 or SUS316L stainless steel, chrome-plated on the vibration surface, and double-pulse technology for better sealing...
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Product Details

JYD-1030P is the 1500w ultrasonic vibrating plate. The frequency can be 17khz to 200khz, the size and the cable outlet way are customized.


1. It is made of thick SUS304 or SUS316L stainless steel, chrome-plated on the vibration surface, and double-pulse technology for better sealing performance.

2. Adopt automatic frequency chasing, MCU-SWEEP constant power output ultrasonic generator drive, ultrasonic cleaning is even and strong.

3. Adopts industrial grade high Q value transducer, imported high-strength glue bonding, the ultrasonic cleaning conversion efficiency is higher.

4. Suitable for 24hours continuous work.

5. Strict quality and aging test control, the whole machine 2500V high voltage test, the products have passed CE, FCC, ROSH and other certifications.

6. It can be customized according to the actual needs of customers, immersed ultrasonic transducers with different specifications, different sizes, power and frequency.

Main application:


Plating lines for the metal parts, or for cleaning the PCB, electronic parts, auto parts, engine parts, injector, air cylinder, mould, blind window, filter elements, anilox roller, screw, nuts, bullet shell, printer and other industrial parts so on.





Submersible ultrasonic transducers can be installed in the tank by three ways as below, the fix way is customized.





Q: What’s the mechanism of the ultrasonic cleaning?

A:The mechanism of ultrasonic cleaning mainly has the following aspects: a strong shock wave is generated when the cavitation bubble is broken, and a part of the dirt layer is peeled off, dispersed, emulsified, and peeled off under the action of the shock wave. Because of the bubbles generated by the cavitation phenomenon, the gap between the dirt layer formed by the impact and the surface layer and the gap penetrates, because the small bubble and the sound pressure expand and contract simultaneously, the physical force such as peeling repeatedly acts on the dirt layer, the dirt The layers are peeled off and the bubbles continue to penetrate inward until the dirt layer is completely stripped. This is the secondary effect of cavitation. The impact of ultrasonic vibration of cleaning fluid on dirt in ultrasonic cleaning. Ultrasonic accelerated chemical cleaning agent dissolves the dirt, chemical and physical forces combine to accelerate the cleaning process.


Q: What’s the main features of the immersible ultrasonic transducers?

A: 1.Ultrasonic vibration plate, composed of vibration plate and ultrasonic generator two parts, when the standard model of ultrasonic cleaning machine is not suitable for a specific working environment, in addition to the special specifications can be customized.Can also be used in the input plate device, converted into ultrasonic cleaning machine, so as to save equipment costs to achieve the cleaning effect.

2.Shock plate with all stainless steel structure alkali, acid resistance, shock plate surface plated with hard chromium.The ultrasonic transducer adopts high quality and high performance products, and the electro-acoustic conversion efficiency is high.

3.Adopt split structure, vibration plate and ultrasonic generator are connected by high frequency line with socket, easy to use and maintenance.

4.Flexible installation arrangement, ultrasonic radiation surface can be arranged on the bottom, side or top surface of the cleaning groove as required.

5.Ultrasonic vibration plate can be customized according to customer requirements ultrasonic vibration plate is suitable for cleaning before electroplating parts, clock parts, hardware machinery parts, polyester filter core, semiconductor silicon chip, tools, lenses, glasses frames, jewelry, jewelry, glass, utensils and other industries, the application of a wide range.


Q: What’s your company advantage:

A: Manufacturer Qualification: More than 12 years experience in the research&development&sales of ultrasonic. Professional R&D, production, quality control, after sales service and sales teams. Qualified in the new products development and products improvement.

R&D Ability. Over 10 national experienced engineers for electronic, software, mechanical, structure aspects. Successfully finish 15-20 ultrasonic products develop projects. Be able to develop different types of ultrasonic products according to the customers requirements

Product Advantages: Self-researched and developed ultrasonic generator and industrial high Q value transducer parts and continuously improve the transducers bonding technology. Short lead time for both standard products(3-5days) and customized products(10-15days). One year warranty, free technical support all lifetime. CE/FCC/ROHS/SAA/PSE certificated

Service: Within 2 hours reply for any of your questions or inquiry during the working time. Free technical suggestions and solutions can be offered.


Compared with traditional cleaning methods, ultrasonic cleaning has the following advantages:

1. Cleaner more thoroughly

The principle of the ultrasonic cleaner shows that this method is very suitable for cleaning complex components. If such parts are manually cleaned, there are many parts that are difficult or impossible to clean. The cleaning agent can only dissolve part of the dirt, and it is not enough for stubborn dirt and dirt inside the parts. Ultrasonic cleaning technology cleaning is a wonderful physical cleaning. It is like blasting and cleaning the inner and outer surfaces of objects at the same time, such as chemical cleaning combined with cleaning agent, so that the inner surface and inner hole can not be cleaned by traditional methods. carry out.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine

2. Energy saving

Cleaning of small parts is currently done with gasoline or diesel, so the safety factor is very low and it is easy to cause accidents. Ultrasonic technology cleaning uses water-based cleaning agents, and there is no hidden danger. v

3. high working efficiency

Simply disassemble the parts and place them in the wire basket of the washing machine and press the switch to automatically clean them.

4. Low cleaning costs

Due to the high re-use rate of cleaning agents and the low cost of consumables procurement, in all cleaning methods, cleaning costs can be roughly divided into: equipment cost and consumption cost. Ultrasonic cleaning equipment has a service life of about ten years. It is lower than the gas phase cleaning and high pressure water jet cleaning except that the equipment purchase cost is higher than manual cleaning and organic alkaline solvent scrubbing.

5. The cleaning effect is good: in terms of cleaning method, the cleaning methods used for industrial cleaning are generally manual cleaning, organic solvent cleaning, steam gas phase cleaning, high pressure water jet cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning, and the cleaning method can be clearly distinguished according to the cleaning effect. Ultrasonic cleaning machine is internationally recognized as the most efficient and effective cleaning method. Its cleaning efficiency has reached more than 98%, and the cleaning cleanliness has reached the highest level. The cleaning efficiency of traditional manual cleaning and organic solvent cleaning is only 60%-70%, even the cleaning efficiency of meteorological cleaning and high-pressure water jet cleaning is less than 90%. Therefore, in industrial cleaning, the ultrasonic cleaning machine has high efficiency and good effect, and is suitable for large-volume cleaning. Features are undoubtedly the best choice for cleaning, which is why all industries that require high cleanliness.