Full Wave Ultrasonic Food Knife

Full wave ultrasonic knife is the tall ultrasonic cutting system, which can cut the cake or food with a neat surface, no chip will be left, and the knife is no sticky.The effective cutting height up to 140mm.
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                                                     Full Wave Ultrasonic Food Knife

Ultrasonic food cutter equipment can be widely used in bakery products such as sliced cream multi-layer cake, sandwich mousse cake, jujube cake, steamed sandwich cake, Napoleon, Swiss roll, brownie, tiramisu, cheese, ham sandwich.

It can be divided into various shapes of baked goods and frozen food, such as round, square, fan-shaped, triangular and so on. And can be customized according to customer special needs and existing conditions of the ultrasonic cutting machine, welcome to sample test.

This tall cake cutting machine(full-wave knife )is designed to cut large round products, up to 9 inches tall. The machine has been engineered to improve the cut consistency of extra tall cakes, as well as provide efficiency, cost savings, and overall return on investment for the bakery. This high ultrasonic knife can be equipped on other automatic ultrasonic equipment. The user-friendly operation means that little skill is required to produce portions of inconsistent sizes at high production rates. This model works well for bakeries trying to slice extra tall cakes.


Frequency: 20khz

Knife size: custom from 95mm to 305mm, effective cutting height from 100mm to 140mm.

Blade material: food-grade titanium


Non-sticky knife, no chip left after cutting, neat cutting surface, strong cutting power, support continuously working.


Food production factory and bakery.

cake knife factory.jpg

customized ultrasonic cutter.jpg

If you are looking for the ultrasonic knife for the food cutting machine, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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