Desktop Ultrasonic Mask Welding Machine

Destop ultrasonic mask welding machine is compatible with kN95 and disposable flat mask ear strap welding machine.We have them in stock, support fast delivery!
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                                                       Desktop Ultrasonic Mask Welding Machine

Mask ear strap single-head spot welding machine, ultrasonic earloop spot welder, this device is compatible with kN95 and disposable flat mask ear strap welding machine. The device is small and beautiful, the manual operation speed is high, the production capacity is high, a large number of daily supply from stock, the manufacturer's price is affordable, the pedal type is simple and convenient operation The equipment spends 24 hours of uninterrupted work, and the ear straps are 12-30 per minute (depending on the speed of the operator).


Frequency: 28khz

Ultrasonic power: 100w-500w

Horn welding size: diameter 8mm 



Flat / n95 mask earband single-head spot welding machine, on / off pulse timer, precise power adjustment to ensure high welding, equipment can work intermittently, can also run with no load, to meet different welding needs.

Flat / n95 latest head design, small and beautiful, good sight line of operation, new ultrasonic generator electric box design, intelligent protection, stable performance, reliable equipment, long service life

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