Nonwoven Fabric Ultrasonic Welding Machine

We are professional ultrasonic welding set manufacturer since 2008.
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                                               Nonwoven Fabric Ultrasonic Welding Machine

We are the manufacturer of the ultrasonic set for the nonwoven fabric cover making machine since 2008. We can offer custom solution for you too!

Linear vibration friction welding USES the friction heat generated at the contact surface of the two welders to melt the plastic.

Thermal energy comes from the reciprocating movement of a workpiece at a certain displacement or amplitude on another surface under a certain pressure.

Once the desired degree of welding is achieved, the vibration is stopped and a certain amount of pressure is still applied to the two pieces, allowing the newly welded parts to cool and solidify, forming a tight bond.

Rail type vibration friction welding is a method of welding with frictional heat energy.

In the case of rail-type vibration friction welding, the upper part of the workpiece moves at a fixed speed in a circular motion in all directions.

The movement can generate heat to bring the welded parts of the two plastic parts to the melting point.

Once the plastic begins to melt, the movement stops and the welded parts of the two pieces solidify and are firmly joined together.

Small gripper forces cause minimal distortion to the workpiece, which can be welded with track type vibration friction with diameters less than 10 inches.

n95 nonwoven fabric cover ultrasonic

nonwoven fabric cover edge sealing

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