Ultrasonic Welding Converter Transducer

JYD-3030-ZY2 is the 30khz high power ultrasonic welding transducer. Features: 1.Low calorific value 2. Large output power 3. Small resonance impedance 4. Long working hours 5. High conversion efficiency Specification: FAQ: Q: What’s the main application of the ultrasonic welding converter...
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JYD-3030-ZY2 is the 30khz high power Ultrasonic Welding Converter Transducer. The transducers produced by us are available in a variety of models and are suitable for a wide range of ultrasonic equipment models. They are the core components of ultrasonic equipment and their parametric characteristics determine the performance of the entire ultrasonic equipment.



1. Ultrasonic Welding Converter Transducer adopts advanced energy conversion system with strong and stable power;

2. Titanium alloy horn, which is durable and never worn;

3. Column design, as well as linear guide bearings, can be fine-tuned.

4. The appearance of the equipment is beautiful and fine. It is convenient for maintenance and maintenance and provides convenience for emergency.


ModelFrequency Range (KHZ)Resistance RangePiezoceramicsBoosterGain valueCapacitance Range (PF) ShapeBooster materialUltrasonic powerConnection screw



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Ultrasonic Welding Converter Transducers are widely used. According to the functions realized, it is divided into ultrasonic processing, ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic detection, monitoring, telemetry, remote control, etc.; according to the working environment, it is divided into liquid, gas, biological, etc.; according to the nature, it is divided into power ultrasonic, ultrasonic detection, ultrasonic imaging, etc. .