15K 3200W Ultrasonic Plastics Fabrics Welder Machine

Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine Ultrasonic Welding Machine is an ultrasonic welder designed for welding various plastics (PVC, PP, PE, ABS, etc.) and fabrics (Polyester, nonwoven fabric, etc.). It is widely used in welding plastic products, including led lampshade, chargers, reflectors,...
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JYD-H80 15K 3200W Ultrasonic Plastic Welder for Welding Plastics Fabrics

All ultrasonic welding systems are composed of the same basic elements:

1>.A press, usually with a pneumatic or electric drive, to assemble two parts under pressure

2>.A nest or anvil or fixture where the parts are placed and allowing the high frequency vibration to be directed to the interfaces

3>.An ultrasonic stack composed of a converter or piezoelectric transducer, an optional booster and a sonotrode Horn. All three elements of the stack are specifically tuned to resonate at the same exact ultrasonic frequency (Typically 15, 20, 30, 35 or 40 kHz)

4>.Converter: Converts the electrical signal into a mechanical vibration using piezo electric effect

5>.Booster: Modifies the amplitude of the vibration mechanically. It is also used in standard systems to clamp the stack in the press.

6>.Horn or sonotrode: Takes the shape of the part, also modifies the amplitude mechanically and Applies the mechanical vibration to the parts to be welded.

7>.An electronic ultrasonic generator Power supply delivering a high power electric signal with frequency matching the resonance frequency of the stack.

8>.A controller controlling the movement of the press and the delivery of the ultrasonic energy.






Maximum Ultrasonic Power(W)

Power supply

Welding head material and size

Ultrasonic welding machine



AC220V±10% 50/60Hz or AC110V±10% 50/60Hz

Customized size and Titanium/aluminum/steel optional



The applications of ultrasonic welding are extensive and are found in many industries including electrical and computer, automotive and aerospace, medical, and packaging. Whether two items can be ultrasonically welded is determined by their thickness. If they are too thick this process will not join them. This is the main obstacle in the welding of metals. However, wires, microcircuit connections, sheet metal, foils, ribbons and meshes are often joined using ultrasonic welding. Ultrasonic welding is a very popular technique for bonding thermoplastics. It is fast and easily automated with weld times often below one second and there is no ventilation system required to remove heat or exhaust. This type of welding is often used to build assemblies that are too small, too complex, or too delicate for more common welding techniques.

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